Prof. Ron Waksman


Dr. Ron Waksman, is a Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and an Associate Director of the Division of Cardiology at MedStar Heart Institute, as well as Director of the MedStar Health Research Institute, Maryland, USA.


With nearly 30 years of experience in leading-edge medical technologies, Dr. Waksman is a world-renowned interventional cardiologist and is a highly sought after Principal Investigator for pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted in the United States and other countries.


His current research interests include bioabsorbable/ biodegradable stents, lipid sciences, and gene cell therapy.


Dr. Waksman has authored/co-authored 310 published manuscripts and over 230 abstracts. He is the Author/co-Author of more than 20 book chapters and Editor/co-Editor of six books in the field of cardiology. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (Including Molecular Interventions) and is on the editorial boards of numerous prominent scientific Journals including: Circulation, Journal of American College of Cardiology, and the American Journal of Cardiology.


He is one of the Founders and Director of the annual Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapies (CRT) meeting, an event that presents multiple, concurrent scientific meetings to medical and industry professionals in the field of cardiology.


Dr. Waksman is an active member of several prominent international and national professional societies, and is the recipient of awards and honors for his expertise in brachytherapy, interventional cardiology, and clinical investigation.