About HVR Cardio

HVR Cardio is a cardiovascular device company that is developing breakthrough solutions for mitral valve repair based on its proprietary helix technology.

The Company’s lead products, CathHELIX® and MAR®, are transcatheter and surgical mitral valve repair devices that
are designed to overcome the debilitating effects of mitral regurgitation or “leaky valve”. Mitral regurgitation is the
most common heart valve disorder. It affects 2% of the population and 10% of individuals aged over 75. Mitral
regurgitation severely limits physical activity and quality of life and, if left untreated, leads to heart failure and death.

MAR® is a novel surgical annuloplasty ring that has the potential to make a highly complex surgical mitral valve repair easier, faster, safer, and potentially also more effective. Annuloplasty rings are used in surgical mitral repair to
normalize the enlarged mitral annulus and thereby eliminate the mitral regurgitation.

CathHELIX® is a catheter-based device that has the potential to provide a significantly less invasive treatment option
while still retaining the clinical efficacy of surgical mitral valve repair, which is the current gold standard.


CathHELIX® is designed to be routinely used by interventional cardiologists providing a new treatment option for the patients suffering from mitral valve disease. This includes the vast majority of patients who are in need of treatment but are unable to undergo invasive surgical procedures.


CathHELIX® has received a Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA.

Advanced development stage

HVR Cardio’s proprietary surgical helix annuloplasty ring MAR® has been studied in an 11-patient clinical study with more than 800 patient months of follow-up data available. Data from this completed study have validated the helix technology as safe, effective and easy to use.

CathHELIX® is currently in late stage pre-clinical studies.

Strong IP portfolio
50+ filed patent families

CathHELIX®; MAR® and the Company’s helix technology is protected by a growing portfolio of over 50 filed patent families.


HVR Cardio is a private company financed by leading Nordic venture capital companies and a group of private investors.